Trey’s Adventure Rhymes/Poems

A rhyme is a repetition of similar sounding words, occurring at the end of lines in poems.

L. G. Lynch has written rhymes and poems throughout her life and will share Trey’s Adventure rhymes with you on this page.

I would love to hear some of your children’s rhymes and poems about any of the characters or the story itself.

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I have wrote a little story book, that your child will love to have a look. A story all about a little tortoise and making friends, love and mental health a subtle message sends. Read the tale to one and all, there's even a scene with a little ball. Friends are important to build and loneliness it will spare, so follow, comment, like and share.

Once 15 years ago I sat and wrote a little book, so my young daughter at bedtime could cuddle down and have a look. I never thought I would publish it even for a day, I'm now at the brink of holding it and words I cannot say. A little caterpillar, ladybird and fly who have all been very kind, to a lost little tortoise whose home they helped him find.

Positivity in life helps you feel better within yourself, friends and family love and care for you better than possessions and wealth. Through good times and bad, when you're happy or sad. I'm glad my little tortoise has now friends who will cherish him and love, just like Noah who was guided to land by a little dove.

I wrote a little story for my daughter many years in the past, all about a lonely little tortoise who I wanted friends who'll last. As everyday dawns with the rising of the early morning sun. They will have laughter and fun each and every one. Fast forward 15 years and Trey's Adventure it definitely does seem, that I as an author am living my dream. Four little friends your child will love and at the back a little rhyme, when you finish this little tale at their bedtime.

A children's story book everyone will love to view, Niece's, nephew's, son's, daughter's, family members and probably you. Trey the little tortoise has been oh so alone before, with these new friends his heart will undeniably soar. A caterpillar, ladybird and fly he will meet, Katy the caterpillar is the first on a 'wigglie' with a seat. You can interact with your child and let them see, what friendship and love is all meant to be.

Trey, Katy, Freddie and Wendy all have a story to tell, in a little full colored book this author will be trying to sell. Friendship love and companionship it will say, his new friends will come now and visit day by day. Read this story to your child when it is that time of the night, and they will go to sleep knowing everything is alright. Tuck them in while they drift off and fall to sleep, in their minds the little tortoise, caterpillar, fly and ladybird they will surely keep.

Mental health awareness is an important message to hear, especially for the children we all in life hold dear. Loneliness is a major concern and kids should be made to be aware, that making friends in life, these friends will grow with them and care. Sharing all the good times and all of the bad, birthday's, christenings, precious moments and when they are sad. This will stave loneliness in heart's and mind's, love will therefore grow, from a little tortoise story book, how ever did parents and family know?

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